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High quality reflexology training taught by midwives for the care of those on their journey to parenthood and beyond

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Global education for qualified reflexologists

Looking for a new direction in your practice?

Are you are looking to expand on your basic training skills so you feel more confident treating parents planning to start a family, support them through fertility issues or early pregnancy loss? Supporting all stages of pregnancy safely knowing when to refer,? Preparation for birthing and priming for postmaturity, consider supporting the birthing journey whatever the outcome? Providing invaluable support to the newborn parent and newborn family in the fourth trimester? Giving ongoing, lifelong support for optimal development and bonding of the new family in order to enhance the wellbeing, experience and development of future generations?

Are you looking for purpose and passion to support others after your own experiences and insights left you wanting more for others?

How will it feel to make a difference doing your bit to enhance the experiences of those facing similar challenges?

Perhaps you are a midwife wanting to make a difference in your own working: life balance and wish to influence your service providers care provision?

Course information

30 hour Maternity Reflexology Foundation Course. 2 parts. Part 1 must be taken first. While face to face restrictions apply classes will be conducted as live webinars. Recorded sessions, pre recorded videos and other resources available. Certificate of Competency awarded when all elements submitted and achieved successfully. 4 case studies 5 hours each minimum. Supervision and ongoing support available plus private group membership.

Other courses are in planning for continuing development.

Why train with us?

Our trainers are highly experienced midwives and our research lead is midwifery consultant, researcher and principal of Sole to Soul Reflexology, Dr Lyndall Mollart based in Sydney, Australia. Jennifer Tribe is the Principle of the Maternity Reflexology Consortium based in North Norfolk, UK. We have other midwives in the training team across the world. Many of our former students have progressed with their own research studies including Dr Julie McCullough.

The Maternity Reflexology Consortium was founded in 2010 with Susanne Enzer, the renowned UK Midwife, pioneer and 'mother of maternity reflexology', Dr. Lyndall Mollart, Jennifer Tribe and the late Gill Thomson, in order to optimise the standard of the training available to postgraduate reflexologists.

Ready for something new?

Contact us today for more information regarding the course information and to arrange your free call to check suitability.

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live online classes- face to face learning - private training - membership and support groups - supervision - workshops - transformation for the therapist retreats - register you interest now. September, October and November dates coming very soon.

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