The maternity reflexology consortium

High quality, evidence-based, midwife-led training for qualified reflexologists and midwives, developed from The Susanne Enzer Method


Want to feel more confident caring for your reflexology clients wishing to conceive, struggling with fertility issues, desire to support all stages of pregnancy, pregnancy loss, post-maturity, preparation for birthing, postnatal and newborn? Training with our midwives will give you the skills to create your dream business. We are needed now, more than ever, to create a better world of unconditional love for the incoming souls and to support normal birthing practices while empowering new parents.

courses for 2024-2025

For qualified Reflexologists including midwife-reflexologists.
Maternity Reflexology Foundation Course 28 hour 
For qualified Level 3 Reflexologists or equivalent. 4 days as 3 days face to face and 1 day live webinar 8-12 weeks later.

Recorded sessions, pre recorded videos and other resources available for your support. Option to achieve the Certificate of Competency awarded when all elements submitted and passed successfully (approximately 30 hours self directed study with student record learning profile).
4 case studies -5 hours each minimum. 
Supervision and ongoing support available plus private group membership. Please note there is an additional marking fee £75 charged on submission. 

Advanced CPD is available for professional development in deeper detail for birthing support, for practitioners having completed the foundation course. Independent courses are available for reflexologists wishing to explore postnatal fourth trimester support and menopause support. 
Self development retreats for therapists are planned to explore a journey of self discovery and realignment of true purpose and passion while supporting others through the transitions of wombhood.

Instalment plans are available please ask.

Benefits of training with us

  • tuition from experienced midwives and researchers
  • evidence based
  • ongoing support
  • online business resources
  • private membership groups
  • continuing development
  • research resources available 

Foundation course only £595

Deposit (non-refundable) £100

Maternity Reflexology Foundation Course

£595*  preconception and preparing for conscious conception, fertility issues, all stages of pregnancy, post maturity, intro to birthing support, postnatal and newborn support.

3 days face to face, day 4 as live webinar 8-12 weeks later

face to face training in 2024:

CambridgeAutumn 2024Harston Village Hall Waiting list
BristolAutumn 2024Centre for Whole Health Waiting list
Durham, NewcastleSpring 2025tba Waiting list
GlasgowSpring 2025tba Waiting list
LincolnSpring 2025tba Waiting list

When applying to be added to the Waiting List please specify which area you are selecting, in the subject line (e.g. MRC Waiting List Lincoln)

*Plus manual approx £30, other supporting video resources and extensive handouts included


Reflexologists wishing to refresh after more than a 2-year lapse are welcome to repeat at a discount. 

There is always more to learn. Paid personalised 1:1 refreshers are available, please ask. Contact us to check availability and to discuss how we can facilitate your completion and achieving the Certificate of Competency. Please note there is a Marking fee of £75 to be paid before submitting your case studies, assignments and learning profiles. 

Have a venue to host your course with Jenni Tribefor 8-12 colleagues?
Contact us to make arrangements and specify your area in the subject line, 
thank you.

Other CPD courses

Advanced birthing support
£295 14 hrs

This 2 day CPD course is a follow on from the MRC Foundation Course will give you the insight and skills to support the mother and her partner during the early signs of the birthing process with an emphasis on maintaining an atmosphere conducive to empowering her to feel in control supported and in connection with her innate wisdom for this transition to motherhood. You will learn reflexology techniques, intro to homeopathic remedies, safety and risk assessment and EFT and NLP techniques to support and optimise the hormonal responses and ameliorate stress and promote calm; biomechanics for birthing support to optimise foetal position for a better birth. You will learn how to support other birth workers and midwives, techniques for postnatal  physiological and emotional support, feeding, and observing the precious golden hour for bonding and welcoming the incoming soul to the new family.

Advanced postnatal support
£295 14 hrs

This independent 2 day course will give you the skills to nourish and nurture the new family after the birth of the incoming soul and the becoming of the new parents.  This course will cover the physiological considerations of all types of birthing and how we can support the release of emotional trauma and promote the building of rapport and bonding with the newborn while supporting feeding, restoration of the physiological and emotional and spiritual adjustments and realignments to the mother's new role.
You do not need to attend the Foundation Course prior to attending this course. This course may be available on line as live webinars or face to face.

Advanced menopause 
£295 14 hrs

This independent 2 day  course provides you, the therapist, with the knowledge and skills to support all those going through the challenging transitions of the perimenopause whether surgical, medical or natural onset and in the post menopause with a emphasis on the importance of ceremony, community, nurturing self discovery and creating purpose and fulfilment. You will learn the importance of nourishment from food, healthy lifestyle, mindset and relationships to enjoy the transition to the second childhood and time for herself. You do not have to attend the Foundation Course prior to attending this course.This course may be available on line as live webinars or face to face and run as retreats.

Image 'The Seven Sisters' with permission Matt Wells Massa photography

Reflexology course prerequisites L3+ or equivalent
Advanced postnatal fourth-trimester support
 Advanced menopause support

post-MRC foundation training CPD:
Advanced pregnancy and pregnancy loss support 
Advanced birthing support 
Transformation for the Therapist Retreats with Jenni Tribe

Join our CPD waiting list please specify in subject line which area, CPD or retreat you are interested in.

2 days CPD  

After MRC Foundation Course


  • Reflexologists must have completed the MRC Foundation Course
  • Ideal for future birth workers and maternity reflexologists wishing to support family and friends or clients.
  • Advanced course 
  • Deeper theory of birthing
  • More practical techniques: reflexology, acupressure, moxibustion, EFT, NLP
  • Biomechanics of birthing
  • Optimal foetal positioning
  • Preparation for providing birthing support
  • Ethics and professional practice
  • Other cultural practices
  • Mothering the mother
  • Ongoing support
  • Submit 2 Case studies 
  • Evidence based

2 days for Reflexologists


  • Independent course for qualified reflexologists
  • The importance of the fourth trimester
  • Postnatal support in other cultures
  • How we can best support the new family
  • Hearing her birth story
  • How her body heals
  • How her mind heals
  • From maiden to mother
  • Pelvic Floor recovery
  • Nutritious support
  • Lactation and bonding support
  • Welcoming the incoming soul
  • Techniques for the new family
  • Why love matters
  • Evidence based
  • Ongoing support
  • Submit 3 case studies

2 days for Reflexologists


  • Independent course for qualified reflexologists
  • How other cultures regard the menopause
  • Lifestyle challenges
  • More than just hormones
  • Practical techniques to support the peri-menopause, menopause and beyond
  • EFT NLP to support how she sees and feels about herself
  • Benefits of colour and sound
  • Nutrition, exercise, purpose
  • White-haired, hot and wild and how to cool down
  • Removing the mask and facing the future
  • Death, a transition not an ending
  • What next? Finding passion and purpose
  • Evidence based
  • Ongoing support
  • Submit 3 case studies

Unable to travel?
some courses are held as live webinars.

We offer morning and late weekend options to suit our international attendees. The sessions have regular comfort breaks and are divided into 2 hours theory followed by practical on the feet of volunteers in your own space. These classes have proved incredibly popular and despite initial concerns have proved to feel intimate and favourable learning environments without the worries of travel, overnight stays and childcare obligations. Ongoing support is provided by online groups and membership options. Contact us if you feel this would suit your needs to be added to the waiting list.

Why train with us?

Our trainers are highly experienced midwives and our research lead is midwifery consultant, researcher and principal of Sole to Soul Reflexology, Dr Lyndall Mollart based in Sydney, Australia.
Jenni Tribe is the UK Principle of the Maternity Reflexology Consortium based in North Norfolk, UK. We have other midwives in the training team across the world.
Many of our former students have progressed with their own research studies including Dr Julie McCullough.

The Maternity Reflexology Consortium was founded in 2010 by the UK midwives Dr. Lyndall Mollart, Jenni Tribe and the late Gill Thomson and pioneer, Susanne Enzer- (the 'mother of maternity reflexology'), in order to optimise the standard of training available for postgraduate reflexologists and midwives.

Reflexology a Tool for Midwives- Susanne Enzer High quality, evidence-based, midwife-led CPD training for non reflexologist midwives

Training for midwives

1 day INTRODUCTION to Maternity Reflexology Day for Midwives 
6 hours introduction to techniques which can be used in pregnancy and for friends and family and under protocol to support birthing. Competency-based assessment. Contact us to see how we can help you support your service users.

30-hour Reflexology for NON-REFLEXOLOGIST Midwives TRAINING COURSE
Follow on from the Introduction Day or as an independent course.
5 days (2 days on-site, 1 day online midway, 2 days on-site 6 weeks later). Competency-based assessments. Logbook learning profile and assignments and case studies.
Comprehensive face-to-face training, case studies and assignments to achieve competency in Maternity Reflexology. This is unsuitable for cascade training to colleagues due to the depth of the detailed training and techniques performed and the depth of training and experience of the training midwives. General clinical reflexology takes a year of training and around 100 case studies to complete to gain a comprehensive understanding and practical application of tailored treatment plans. This training will give you the skills to provide knowledgeable care and appropriate practical reflexology techniques for a range of scenarios and includes techniques for post maturity including acupressure and an introduction to moxibustion. You will learn how to apply the learned techniques to encourage the incoming soul to move into optimal positioning and support all stages of birthing (labour) and the biomechanics of birthing supporting normal birth and for the mother to experience a fulfilling birth whatever the outcome and mode of delivery. Research evidence from one of our students, Dr Julie McCullough showed that the second stage of labour was shorter and required less pain relief.

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