Looking for new direction in your reflexology practice?

Are you...

  • looking to expand your basic reflexology training skills so you feel more confident supporting parents planning to start a
    family, through fertility issues or early pregnancy loss?
  • wanting to support ALL stages of pregnancy safely, knowing when to refer?
  • preparing for birthing, priming for postmaturity, consider supporting the birthing journey, whatever the outcome?
  • providing invaluable support to the newborn, parent and newborn family in the fourth trimester?
  • giving ongoing, lifelong support for the optimal development and bonding of the new family in order to enhance
    the wellbeing, experience and development of future generations?
Have you developed passion and purpose in supporting others after your own experiences and insights
which left you wanting more for others?

How will it feel to really make a diference doing your bit to enhance the experiences of those facing similar and familiar challenges?

Perhaps you are a midwife feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, wanting to make lasting changes in your own

work:life balance while influencing care provision for your service users?

If you can't decide whether a course is for you, please contact us to arrange a free call to discuss

Maternity Reflexology
Foundation CPD

28 hour postgraduate course
for qualified reflexologists
Taken in 2 parts.
Part 1 must be taken prior to Part 2.
While face to face restrictions apply, classes will be conducted as live webinars.
Recorded sessions, pre recorded visioes and others resources are made available to support your learning together with an exclusive online social group membership.
The Certificate of Competency in maternity reflexology is awarded on successful completion of the assignments and case studies
(minimum of 4 cases - fertility, preconception, pregnancy, pregnancy loss,  birthing or postnatal related cases, atleast 5 hours each)

Introduction Day for Midwives

1 day Introduction to
Maternity Reflexology

6 hours introduction to relaxing techniques which can be used in pregnancy and for friends and family.

Basic techniques to support postmaturity and birthing taught for use under strict protocols.

Competency based assessment.

Contact us to see how we can help you support your service users.

Maximum 20 places.
Handouts included.

Reflexology for Midwives

30 hour Reflexology for Midwives Course
Follow on from the Introduction Day.

5 days
(2-days on site,
1-day live online webinar midway,
2-days on site 6 weeks later)

Comprehensive training.
High practical element and smaller groups to enhance direct attention.

Successful completion of case studies and assignments are required to achieve the Certificate of Competency in Maternity Reflexology.

Maternity Reflexology Foundation Part 1

Maternity Reflexology Foundation Parts 1&2